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Development is essential to reigning in any field of endeavor. Success principles can be learned, applied, mastered and then initiated in any undertaking to produce results that match and exceed effort. Talent Success Infusion is a required stop on your success journey.  The more you know, the farther you can go.  Knowledge is the seed for confidence and confidence is the seed for success today.  We welcome you! 


Whatever your definition of success may be, expect to be changed and for success concepts to be poured into you.  Join  others who will be in attendance for this powerful and exciting course!  

Our happi-ness is based on what is happ-ening in our lives.  We believe you will be glad you are in attendance because Infusion is crafted to help you change the way you see yourself. We are here to help you make it happen. 


This course will inspire you. Expect to be transformed by the things you will learn.

This Program covers the entire Talent Success Infusion talent development course for the entire (12) twelve months.  Live sessions take place every other month during the twelve-month period. 

Expect to learn 

How to maximize your life which is your time

How to attract favorable relationships and circumstances into your life

How to better identify your passions and purposes  

Overcome the stumbling blocks, fears and excuses that have held you back

How to identify and take advantage of opportunities that are presented to you

How to identify the subtle, hidden fears that may be hindering your success and

how to overcome them

Among other life transforming principles



The course includes Sunday Sessions and an Evening Gathering where everyone is in attendance and special guest speakers share their success secrets with you. You will also be a part of Sunday live conference calls each month to continue to inspire you and help you move towards your desired goals.  Each month you will take part in the Infusion Sessions where you will receive potentially life-altering information, time-tested concepts, and ancient yet relevant Laws of Success.  


Talent Success Infusion Program Overview


Day Sessions

Infusion will offer you information that will greatly assist you in understanding strategies to help you walk out your destiny. These sessions will instruct you, teach you and pour into you the knowledge and secrets of success you have yet to learn.  This intimate attention will prepare your mind for success. 


Infusion will be presenting these top producers only to the Infusion attendees.  These are individuals who have attained great levels of public and private success in their particular industries and sectors.  This signature course is privileged, even featuring question and answer sessions which are rarely available.


Guest Speakers




Talent Success Infusion 
Evening  Gathering

Guest Speakers

This portion includes memorable mentorship for success evening sessions featuring some dynamic speakers that will really pour it in.  The special guest speakers share with you their stories of challenge and how they overcame them to be the success they are today. 



The Evening Gathering includes meals.


Special Guest Entertainment

The Evening Gathering also features Special Guest  "Edu-tainment."  Talents, gifts and the right amount of uniqueness clearly describes the Infusion entertainment line-up.  These acts have been specifically chosen to entertain, motivate and help you to have a most memorable time! Edutainment is the marrying of entertainment with education. This will be exciting!!!



The Evening Gathering has a time of Networking. This segment will allow you to connect with like minded successful individuals as yourself.  Share your interests, future plans and goals as you connect with others in attendance.  Ensure to bring your business cards as well so that you may properly be remembered.  


Talent Success Infusion
Conference Calls

Talent Success Infusion Conference Calls

This Infusion registration provides you with (4) Live Conference Calls each month.  This is for the entire (12) twelve months.  These informative Conference Calls every month will also sometimes include surprise special guests.  These calls are vital as you have the privilege of being consulted with personally several times each month to ensure your continued growth, focus and success. 



Talent Success Infusion
Certificate of Completion

Talent Success Infusion Certificate of Completion

All Infusion Course attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion signifying their successful completion of the Course. Most attendees will find this to be a treasure and a resume and interview booster.  Potential Casting Directors and hiring managers are often much more interested in hiring candidates who have demonstrated leadership in the area of developing themselves.

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