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A leader in training, developing, and connecting models, artists, designers, actors, musical artists and talents,

KCC Talent (KCCT) offers valuable consultation, courses, and content to talent from around the world. We have a presence in Chicago, New York, Tampa, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Honolulu and other cities. KCCT has a philosophy focused on Inspiration, Liberation, Transformation and Acceleration, giving talents great opportunities to develop their creative passions, gifts, and themselves while working with highly experienced talent consultants.


KCCT is the place to be! We are so excited about the available opportunities and everyone else is too. You are here because you want to start seeing the success you desire. Someone might say, "I'm already a success," but you want to experience a higher level of success. 


There are rules and laws that govern success and we are here to be your success consultant while on your success journey. There is such great energy that is created when you feel and believe that your life is outwardly reflecting the inward success you desire. That oneness and personal singularity are priceless. This is what can be described as truly living. 


Along your success journey, there are certain stops you will have to make to arrive at success. There are two ways you can learn: Mistakes and Mentors. It has been said that "Mistakes are used to teach the person who is unwilling to sit at the feet of a Mentor." Tough words, yet very revealing. The flip side is that "Mentorship is success without the pain." My friend, many people are choosing one or the other. You are here because you have chosen the greater.


At KCC Talent you will learn the laws to success to make your success journey easier. These success laws and principles will teach you how to swim and rise above the deep waters of this economy. You are on the right path and as long as you continue this way, you will get there. Success is a journey and you have come to the right place.






Our Purpose


KCC Talent was designed with you in mind.   Our focus is to inspire you and assist you in achieving your Industry Goals and Objectives. Success leaves clues and with this insight we have created a platform for our Talents to learn, grow, earn and glow. We are here as a resource to help you achieve your goals in an accelerated way with the assistance of our team of Talented and very capable Consultants. KCC Talent provides our clients with real world industry insight and the type of mentorship where you can learn from the lessons and discoveries of others. There is no one that succeeds alone and with this knowledge we are here to assist you on Your Success Journey because here at KCC Talent, " Your Success Is Our Goal!"

Our Purpose

Our Clients


Many of our clients are people just like you; Ready to see a difference in their lives, now. Through our many interactions with our clients, we observed some of the same obstacles.  Similar themes of lack of confidence, discontentment and fear of failure, just to name a few.  Yet we also saw a strong desire to change, to do and become more. Our clients are people who are ready for success and ready for the next level.

Our Clients

Our Team


Our team is comprised of individuals who have experienced Professional, Personal & Leadership Development themselves.  This team saw what was lacking in their own lives and decided to do something about it.  The philosophy that permeates within us is that "success is an inside job."  Meaning, anything you want to produce on the outside, you will first have to put inside.  That's exactly what our team has done.  We care about people's growth and success and are doing everything we can to  share this winning attitude with others.

Our Team

KCC Talent Team

Team Members
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